Tuesday, 9 November 2010

One has been poked

Yesterday we were treated to the news that the Queen was getting her very own Facebook page.  And there was me thinking that Her Maj couldn't tell her Esc from her Ctrl.  I wasn't going to have a look, but thought I'd better.  I'm supposed to be a loyal servant and didn't want to risk getting a sharply-worded note from the nobility.

Seriously.  Those dudes know how to use firearms.

So this is what I saw when I pointed my browser, with all due deference, monarch-wards.

Elizabeth joined Facebook.

Elizabeth set her Hometown as London.

Elizabeth set her Hometown as Windsor.

Elizabeth set her Hometown as Balmoral.

Elizabeth set her Hometown as Sandringham.

Elizabeth found 578 friends on Family Tree.

Elizabeth is watching Philip talking to the servants.

Elizabeth has a sense of foreboding.

Elizabeth's Relationship Status is 'It's Complicated'.

Elizabeth likes Crowns.

Elizabeth wrote on Edward Windsor's Wall,"What was the name of that television programme you were so fond of, dear?"

Elizabeth likes Glee.

Elizabeth joined the Group "Corgi Breeders Like It Lower Down".

Elizabeth is the new Mayor of Great Britain on FourSquare.

Elizabeth is now friends with Stephen Fry.

Elizabeth completed 430 locations on Cities I've Visited.

Elizabeth is building a 17th Century Mansion on Farmville.

Meh.  Some people are so predictable.

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