Friday, 30 November 2007

Demob happy

So. That's that, then. Here we are, at the end of November. Those of you who've been paying attention (you have been keeping up, haven't you?) will have noticed an unusual regularity in the posts on here. One per day, every day, for the whole month; that's how NaBloPoMo rolls.

I'll admit - the thought of adopting the discipline of writing something meaningful every day for a whole month was a bit daunting to me 30 days ago. There's the issue of thinking of things to write - I was convinced that was going to cause me a headache. However I've not needed to spend too much time staring blankly at a screen (I reserve the hours between 9 and 5, Monday to Friday for that). I actually wrote down about 20 topic ideas at the start of the month, and looking at my list now, I've still got half-a-dozen left.

That might be because they're crap, mind you.

I've enjoyed the process of coming up with ridiculous situations and riffing off these; skinny-dipping squirrels, striking bloggers and intergalactic political correctness, for instance. Well, they made me laugh, anyway. But it's been nice to be able to intersperse these with random stuff that I've seen and done in real life, too.

But this all still takes time and has to be planned around real life, and that's been quite a challenge. However, I'm humbled by some of the other NaBloPoMo participants, who've still posted every day despite such distractions as kids, organising family weddings, college work and serious back surgery. And, for the US-based bloggers there was Thanksgiving, which would appear to be the Mother Of All Celebrations with a high potential for collateral damage. I'm a wuss by comparison.

Will I continue? Yes I will. People are looking at this, whether that's more out of a morbid fascination I don't know. But you're there - a number of you are even commenting. Blimey. Quite frankly, it all blows my mind. I thank you.

Maybe I'll not post every day - certainly not for the next couple of days at least. But please stick around. Or subscribe, if you're that way inclined. Hopefully the madness can continue. Not having to post everyday might do something positive to the quality:quantity ratio.

But having spent too much time with my laptop, and not enough with my wife, we are off to Leamington, pretty much the moment I hit the "Publish Post" button. We're going to eat very nice food. There may be wine involved. And we'll communicate without the use of "Comment" buttons.

See you all in perhaps more than one day's time.


Tom said...

What you said, only in my voice and louder, and *whine* I want good food too!

You've done a fabulous job with the posting and you're really quite good at this writing malarkey. I used to think I had a good imagination, then I got to read things by people that really do have good imaginations and I'm happy to do so.

There is a quote about iron sharpening iron that would be really appropriate here, so obviously I can't use it.

Have a good time in Leamington, and thanks to Katie for letting use borrow you for the last month.

City Girl said...

No, darlin', thank YOU for sharing with us. It has been a pleasure to peruse your posts. *smile*

You and Dark and Scary, and Amblus, and Collecting Tokens and Taking What's Left have become a part of my circle of friends. That may be sad and more than slightly pathetic, but regardless I am interested in your lives and your happiness and intend to keep on checking in with you every day.

Have a lovely weekend and we'll 'see' you next week!

john - from fat to fit said...

I posted every day too. What a bitch. I won't be doing hat again, lol! I normally come pretty close but that extra pressure of HAVING to do it was too much sometimes. Still feels good though.



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