Friday, 23 November 2007

Moving words

He had a Blackberry, on which he was tapping and scrolling away. Then he pulled out one of these fancy new Nokia N95 phones and started on that, too.

"Huh!" I thought to myself, "he'll be getting a laptop out next, at this rate."

Out came the Vaio. Tippetty, tappetty, tippetty.

I was on a Pendolino coming back home from another visit to London. We were only minutes out of Euston, picking up speed, with another hour and a half to go. Technoboy was next to me. But I was the smug one.

I was drafting this blog, actually, using a brand new system I've discovered which beats the pants off anything you can get from PC World. It's instantly on, with practically no delay for booting up. With no need for a back light the power consumption for my system is negligible. And I've yet to use a more intuitive interface than this one.

Without a traditional keyboard, you simply use a carbon graphite stylus and move it against an ultra-thin flexible panel to define letters, graphics, pretty much anything you want. It's very eco-friendly - the input panel is apparently made from recycled wood pulp. It's so lightweight you barely know it's there. And while its networking facilities aren't that hot, the memory is brilliant.

I think it might just catch on.


Tom said...

Hey! Is that system available in the States yet?
If it's the newest best thing, MDW will HAVE to have it.

For now I'll stick with my laptop.

Anonymous said...

The Gadget Queen *hmph*s in your general direction.

City Girl said...

My name is City Girl. I am a Crackberry addict. I have no desire to rehab and feel pretty confident in this diagnosis: his simultaneous use of the Crackberry, phone AND laptop are beyond redundant - THAT, my friend, is electronic overcompensation for some specifically male physicaly shortcoming. Er-HEM.


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