Sunday, 25 November 2007

Party politics

Last night was our annual staff party. Notice we don't call it a Christmas party. It's not. Not for any politically-correct reasons, you understand.

No, it's because it's still November, silly!

I will make no more comment about this, mainly because I got to bed at about five this morning and I'm seriously sleep-deprived. However, the makers of this advert clearly knew what they were talking about:

It was just like that. Really.


Rebecca said...

The bastards have moved our office Christmas party to January. Yes, January. The reason? Because "it's too hectic this time of year." Yes? What else is Christmas for? I swear, they won't be happy until they've sucked all the joy out of the holiday season.

Anonymous said...

No job... sucks.
No office christmas party... priceless.


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