Friday, 16 November 2007

A greener world

Help me out here, people.

I've been writing this blog for several months now. And it has surpassed my (admittedly low) expectations. What was supposed to be the journalling of a weight loss programme has turned into me rambling about any old crap that comes into my Roobois-addled mind every night.

And believe me, it very often is "any old crap."

But despite that, several hundred people seem to have looked at this blog since I started. And it's not just the next-door neighbour and people at work, either. I mean, look at this:

According to Google Analytics, in the last six weeks people from a whole bunch of places that aren't here, have been here. It's bloody marvellous. And somewhat humbling, too. People from the following countries have so far experienced the Make Lard History magic:

In order of the number of visits - UK, USA, Germany, Canada, India, Sweden, Turkey, Georgia, Kuwait, Australia, France, South Africa (it might be the Roobois), Thailand, Spain, Czech Republic, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Argentina, Ivory Coast (how this happened I'll never know), Israel, Malaysia, Egypt, Italy and Finland.

All these are coloured green on the map. But there are great swathes of the globe that are still pearly white. And quite a few that are very pale. Shame on you.

So here's what I'd like you good people to do. Do you know anyone who's not from one of the above countries? Or from anywhere, for that matter? Do they want a right rollicking good read? Never mind - get them to come here anyway. If they're from a "new" country, it'll show up a lovely green on my map. (And to those of you from the US - don't get too complacent - if it wasn't for Iowa and Montana you'd be way paler.)

We could, working together, make this a greener planet. Al Gore would be proud.


Tom said...

Algore be damned, I'll give it a shot anyway.
Because who has two thumbs and cares about a greener planet?
*Two thumbs to the chest*
This guy!!

Nice begging, BTW. You never thought you'd end up working this corner, did you?

City Girl said...

I'm afraid Edinburgh is the home of my furthest-flung friend.

But considering they don't speak English there, I think that's pretty exotic. *wink*

City Girl said...

PS - Please note that on the new-and-improved CGirl-CGirl blogroll, your name has been spiffed up to represent who you REALLY are, not how you perceive yourself.

::drum roll:: I give you Fab Boy Fab! :o)

Anonymous said...

OMG! Fab Boy Fab! I heart it!

Rebecca said...

Here's a great big shout out from Montana! If I knew anyone in Zimbabwe or New Guinea, I'd point them in your direction.

Le laquet said...

Oh I know a New Zealander or two - I am off to Blog pimp for you

Lisa said...

Right, I have been told! I'm not sure exactly what's expected of me and what I need to do...and at this moment, I'm in the middle of something, so can't stop to find out.

But I'll leave my mark anyway!

Lisa from New Zealand
(Summoned here by the beautiful Jo)

Lisa said...

Ok, so I'm back several hours later now, and you all KNOW i was here before right?? I posted a damn comment to prove it!

So how come New Zealand hasn't even gone a little bit green for me then?? Of all the places in the world NOT to go GREEN?? Hell, we caused unrest between the nations several years ago because of our green policy don't ya know? lol

It's just not right *sigh*

Right, I'm off to bed, but mark my words, I shall be back in the mornin' to check my greenness haha!

fatboyfat said...

tom: yes, it was a bit of a shameless plug, I admit.

city girl: it is indeed a strange dialect they speak in "Embra". And as for the name change - *blush*

le laquet: as my blog pimp, you can now officially have the Huggy Bear 70's wah-wah guitar sound effect, every time you make a comment. Enjoy.

lisa: welcome! I think there's a bit of a delay before things register on Google Analytics, plus that picture is a static one, so I'll update it later.

As to what you can do now you're here - hmmm - I haven't really thought this through, have I? In the meantime, pull up a chair, put your feet up, make yourself at home.

Le laquet said...

Hey ... hey ... hey *wah-wah* my blog pimping worked! a Kiwi visted - she'll be back and trust me - she'll be sassiness incarnate!


fatboyfat said...

Just as well, as incarnate is the only way I take my sassiness.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how many people have so little to do???

Still, it's always a good thing to stop and sniff some laughter from time to time...

Hello from Washington (state!), USA, btw. :)

nzdanboy said...

Hi, just like Lisa, ordered to come visit by Jo *ducking* and the more of us Kiwis that fly *tongue in cheek* in the sooner we will get to see GODZONE in green as well.

Take care


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