Thursday, 22 November 2007

You say tomato...

Now, I don't go in for blatant pandering. Not a bit. No panderer, me. Blatant or otherwise. The stuff you see up here is written either because it's the first thing that springs into my mind, or because (more rarely) I've given whatever I'm going to write some thought and yet it still pleases me.

So I'm not going to adapt the language or spelling I use to cater for a wider audience. For instance, should I be writing about lightweight metals, I would refer to aluminium. All five syllables. (Hmm. That's just thrown Mozilla's spellchecker into a whole world of red underlining.) And in the admittedly unlikely instance of my writing down any recipes, I'd be using coriander, rocket, spring onions and aubergine.

I have talked about the tyres on my car. And walking along the pavement. And I will admit to having some confusion over the whole suspenders/braces thing.

This may help you if you're getting confused.

So it's clear that I don't normally aim this blog towards certain specific members of the international community. However, I understand that for a significant number of you, today is a bit of a special day. Turkey will be consumed. Apparently this can be deep-fried whole. Ace. And mashed potatoes. Although not deep-fried, I assume.

I'm also impressed by the consistent commitment being displayed. None of this "I'm on a diet" lark - it does seem to be the general intention of everyone to get together with the family and gain another 10% of their previous body weight over the space of three days. I salute you.

So, this one goes to the people over the pond, who've been some of the most regular visitors on here. (What must you think, by the way - we gave the world Shakespeare and Douglas Adams, and now this?)

Happy Thanksgiving. And to everyone else - happy Thursday.


Tom said...

You're mocking me, aren't you?

Not that I have anything against it, I'm just being clear.

Deep-fried mashed potatoes!

I'm trying that! I mean, what could be better? Anything that is good should be deep fried and made better right? I possible, it should be batter dipped first.

And diet? How can anyone, possibly, submit to anything that the word "die" makes up 3/4 of on purpose? That's almost like intentionally pulling your own fingernails off.

You say tomato and I say "Douglas Adams was a Brit?!"

Anonymous said...

It is unamerican, tantamount to treason, to utter on this fine Thanksgiving holiday, "I am on a diet." Consequences can be dire. I'll leave it to the imagination. I have my body weight in deep-fried turkey to consume.

Le laquet said...

Aren't deep fried mash potatoes just potato fritters? Available throughout Swansea chippies when I was misbehaving/growing up. "Potato fritter, saveloy, curry sauce and scraps please Mario*" was an oft' heard shout as I wandered through the door late on a Friday night :o) I am of course a reformed character now!
Love the British-American btw ~ excellent!

* Luckily Mario was Italian so my slurred mispronounciations didn't bother him!

fatboyfat said...

You may well be right, Jo. In Brum we call them scallops (not to be confused with the shellfish).

City Girl said...

Right back atcha, Baby!
We'll return the love come Boxing Day. :o)

PS - Over here, on BBC America, John Oliver presents a mock public-service announcement before each program (sorry, programme) to the effect that we are allowed to use the closed captioning on our televisions in order to follow the accents...although that doesn't help much with the slang. I honestly don't know what the hell Gordon is saying half the time...But now I will faithfully employ this lovely little translation device. Cheers!
(That was applied correctly, no?)


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