Saturday, 15 November 2008

Blinded by the light

Sometimes I do wonder, are my standards too high?

Do I expect too much from others?

In short, am I a bit of a picky bugger?

Then I see an article in Times Online about what is surely an amazing development. Scientists have managed, for the first time, to directly photograph a planet orbiting another star. This is groundbreaking - for years they've only known about the existence of such planets by measuring the indirect effect they have on the stars they're orbiting. Up until now, we've never actually seen the planets themselves.

So this is a particularly significant image. And this is a very important story, wholly about this one, significant image. Many people, not just borderline nerds like me, will want to see this image.

Go have a look at the story on Times Online. You might notice there's a small detail missing. Check the comments for a hint.

And I ask again, in all seriousness. Is it me?


Lisa said...

How odd...they wrote a lengthy(ish) article about the new pictures...yet posted no such images. And if the lack of those, is what you think you're being picky about? Then I must be picky too!

City Girl said...

Typical lack of attention to detail. The media is more concerned with the speed at which they can crank out stories than the accuracy. Any first year journalism student who bothered to proof the layout should have caught that.

Signed, Picky and Cranky in Alabama


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