Friday, 7 November 2008

D minor - it's the saddest of all keys

I was using iPlayer the other day when I noticed something truly wonderful. For those of you who are unaware of iPlayer and its works, it's a service that allows you to experience all of the BBC's TV or radio output for up to seven days after the original broadcast.

And, in itself, it's a very good service.

I was checking the last edition of Later with Jools Holland, watching The Killers doing their thing, when I needed to turn up the volume a little. As you do. And that's when the wonderfulness* struck me:

No, it wasn't their rather disappointing new single that was striking me. Well, not in that way, anyway. It was the iPlayer's volume control. Take another look:

The volume goes up to 11! I'll say that again. THE. VOLUME. GOES. UP. TO. 11!

Clearly someone at iPlayer Central, some otherwise anonymous developer, thought it might be nice to sneak that little detail in. 99% of people wouldn't notice. And perhaps of those who did, few would even know who Nigel Tufnel is.

For a few of us, though, this is a lovely little find. And for those of you still don't understand:


*(No, really. I can make words up now.)


City Girl said...

I love that you caught that!


Le laquet said...

Yes, I did wonder why ... especially as my OCD means I have to have the volume on an even number.


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