Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Best if I don't talk about it. I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it. But it's preferable if I don't do it again.

After all, there has to be some space on the Internet - just one page, perhaps - that isn't talking about it right now. And I'm quite keen to be responsible for that page.

Yes, I'm certain, on many levels, that the outcome is important. But we can talk about other things, can't we? You and me, we're deeper than that, aren't we?

I have regular visitors to this very blog from the country in question. They might be tired. Huddled masses, even. It would be wrong of me to assume that the very thing they want is more in-depth analysis. The hurly-burly intellectual challenge of debate. After all, they've had something like two years of it. Maybe we'd all just like a night off?

Look! Kittens!

And cake. Lots of cake!

There. Isn't that better? One whole blog post, with no mention of the US Elections whatsoever.

Oh. Bugger.


Anonymous said...

OH, thank you!

Kittens and Cakes... how very refreshing.


(found you on NaBloPoMo and I think you are hilarious!)

fatboyfat said...

Thank you very much, Enigmatic Julie. You're very welcome. Put your feet up, make yourself at home.


City Girl said...

Are the kitties Democrats or Republicans?

JOKING. It was a joke.

Tom said...

Obviously Republicans, their eyes aren't open yet.

*ducks the objects chucked at my head*

Thanks for the distraction, sorry the Yanks had to come ruin your party. It was so quiet and everything before we arrived.

Le laquet said...

So ... no that it's over there'll be something else on the news this morning right?

robin said...

Ahhhh... Kittens... and Cake...
A double dose of sweetness with no mention of anything doing with historic acts or proportions.

Thanks for that. I think I may have stabbed myself in the eye if one more earthmoving mention of the (almost)unmentioned had happened.


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