Wednesday, 26 November 2008

High spirits

Today Katie and I went to the Good Food show at the Birmingham NEC. It's a regular event for us - we did it last year - and as unrepentant foodies it's a cause of some excitement.

There are some analogies you can use for situations like this, 'kid in a sweet shop' being one. But 'two overweight people surrounded by food' would appear to be equally apt.

However, the show isn't just about food. Oh deary me, no. There's drink, too. And we have a cellar to fill. Well, not exactly a cellar. More 'a space in our kitchen where we keep booze'.

I was reflecting on this as I used the 'shop and drop' at the show, where visitors can leave their purchases until they go home. I was checking in packs of ale from the Purity Brewery and Hook Norton. Quite a few, actually, bottles clinking ominously. Then there were several bottles of Martin Millers gin. And the Peat Monster whisky. It was, I have to say, a sight to behold; the chap behind the counter regarded the booty and drew an approving breath.

"Looks like someone's going to have a good Christmas," he said, jealously.

I fixed him with a weary smile before replying.

"Yes, but if it wasn't for the kids we wouldn't bother."

Not a flicker.


Rebecca said...

"Overweight people surrounded by food" is pretty much how I feel at any food-related event. I like to think of myself as a professional.

Le laquet said...

Some people need to see a specialist to have a sense of humour surgically installed. Are you planning to blog about what you ate my saliva glands are ready, willing and able!

Country Girl said...

My little brother was in WalMart and his six-year-old son was pushing the cart. There was a case of beer in it. Some delightfully ignorant middle-aged woman walked up to my brother and hissed, "I can't believe you're letting that child push that cart. It has BEER in it."

And my little brother looked at her and dead-panned, "Awww. He's one of my wife's kids."

sexy said...
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